Who We Are

SIWA- Society for Integrated Welfare Activities is a non-profitable, non-political voluntary Organization. SIWA has operations from Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh state has an autonomous e-office, India.

SIWA is an amalgamation of like-minded people well versed with various socio-economic problems of the poor and has a clear vision at development of poor especially targeting the poor who fall under poverty line.

SIWA got registered the Organization as “Society for Integrated Welfare Activities” in the year 2005.

SIWA is working for the community for international standards. Poverty, illiteracy, awareness and lack of peace are the main obstacles in this world. In this modern age also we are listening of starvation deaths. These will show very bad results in developing countries. With the rapid change of technology development of the society is declining in most parts of the world. It is effecting specially in developing countries. A common man cannot survive himself, because cost of living is increasing day by day and lack of awareness. To establish a peaceful wealthy life everyone must participate their part of assistance to our neighbours. This is our duty to being born as a human being. To achieve this, there is a need of a strong leader with the capabilities of hard-work, accomplishment, cooperation, guidance, research and sincerity.

Each rupee(₹) or dollar($) will be utilized for the development of the surrounding society. Our aim is to achieve the education, poverty eradication, and peaceful life.

Funds for the SIWA are coming in many ways; individual donations, publishing magazines, international contributions etc... We are encouraging youth for blood donations and maintatining donor pool. We are planning many techniques to attract the funds for our SIWA.

SIWA request every human in this earth, Please become a member to give prosperous life to our next generation. Your service can be in any form. It may not possible to everyone work physically in this SIWA. As a SIWA member you have right to give a suggestion which can be useful to the society. Even though you donate a single rupee(₹) or dollar($) which can fill so many empty stomach. Any one who has a desire to work for the society, we are ready to contribute our SIWA as a branch.

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